Residential Drainage Improvements


Client: private residence
Partner: berman & associates

Drainage and wastewater control plan.

Drainage and wastewater control plan.

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The project architect submitted a draft plan set to the City of Seattle for review. The City of Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections (SDCI) issued a Correction Notice citing the 2016 Stormwater Manual requirement for a licensed civil engineer.


Pacific Stormwater was contacted by the Project Architect to consult on the stormwater design to mitigate the runoff generated from a new impervious surface proposed at the Tam-Johnson residence.


Pacific Stormwater worked closely with the owner to design a low-impact stormwater mitigation system which included dispersion trenches, permeable driveway, and a collection of rain barrels to harvest rain water for use in the homeowner’s garden. Deliverables included an erosion control plan, a drainage control technical memorandum, and a drainage and wastewater plan approved for construction by the City of Seattle.


• Code Review
• Engineering Alternatives Analysis
• ROM Cost Estimate
• Construction Discharge and Environmental Permit Application and Submittal
• Regulatory Agency Coordination


• Site Grading Evaluation and Design
• Green Stormwater Infrastructure / Low Impact Development (GSI/LID)
• Drainage Design
• Construction-Ready Plans and Specifications
• Technical Information Reports
• Plans Generated in AutoCAD