On-Call Industrial Stormwater Services


Client: honeywell aerospace

Stormwater source control evaluation.

Stormwater source control evaluation.

Portion of manufacturing facility.

Portion of manufacturing facility.


Honeywell Aerospace operates a 54-acre manufacturing facility with outdoor industrial activity including hazardous waste and chemical storage areas, equipment and salvage lots, scrap metal storage areas, air exhaust stacks, cooling towers, and a waste water treatment system. To achieve compliance with their NPDES permit requirements, Honeywell Corporate selected Pacific Stormwater to provide multiphase on-call stormwater services.


Originally constructed in 1961, the Facility has minimal greenspace, aging infrastructure, deteriorating hardscape, and extensive outdoor industrial activity. With proximity to a major expressway (I-405) and subject to substantial upgradient offsite discharge, the Site struggled to identify sources to control the elevated metals observed in stormwater. 


Pacific Stormwater provided an initial sitewide infrastructure inventory, including a GPS location survey for 93 catch basins, 6 trench drains, and 113 roof drains, and associated conveyance piping followed by a drainage basin review which delineated 11 sub-basins at the site resulting in 5 substantially different compliance points. Pacific Stormwater conducted a source control evaluation and subsequently developed and designed site improvements to mitigate the findings.


• Data Gap Analysis
• Field Investigations
• ROM Cost Estimates
• Regulatory Agency Coordination


• Temporary and Permanent Erosion Controls
• Stormwater Treatment
• Surveying
• Technical Information Reports


• Performance and Compliance Monitoring and Reporting
• Development of SOPs
• Stormwater Training
• In-Situ XRF Soil Analyses
• Source Control Evaluation