On-Call Environmental Services


Client: honeywell aerospace
Partner: stantec

Dye tracer study.

Dye tracer study.

Spill response assessment.

Spill response assessment.


Honeywell International operates an aerospace manufacturing facility on a large industrial campus in Redmond, Washington. Honeywell maintains an Industrial NPDES permit, ultimately discharging to the City of Redmond MS4 System. 


In 2012, Honeywell was a party in a citizen action lawsuit for elevated metal detections in their surface water discharge. Aging infrastructure, external industrial activities, and proximity to the 520 Freeway increased the pollutant loads.


Pacific Stormwater is part of the team to support and assist with the analysis, planning, and programs that Honeywell develops and enacts to achieve long-term compliance with its permits as well as provide stormwater management services to the Redmond facility. To remain in compliance with their NPDES permit requirements, Pacific Stormwater developed and designed improvements that brought Honeywell Redmond’s elevated metals detections below benchmarks. Pacific Stormwater continues to support the site with ongoing monthly inspections, construction oversight, quarterly sampling and reporting, maintenance of the site SWPPP, and on-call environmental support.


• Field Investigations
• Environmental & Code Review
• Engineering Alternatives Analysis
• ROM Cost Estimates
• Design Performance Criteria
• NPDES Permits
• Regulatory Agency Coordination


• Temporary and Permanent Erosion Control
• Stormwater Treatment Systems
• Technical Information Reports


• Pre-Construction Project Review
• Erosion Control Evaluation
• Contaminated Materials Testing


• Performance and Compliance Monitoring and Reporting
• In-Situ XRF and Benchtop Contaminant Testing
• Source Control Evaluation
• Pollutant Source Tracing
• Spill Response Assessment and Reporting
• Development of In-House SOPs
• SWPPP Management
• SPCC Plans
• O&M Manuals
• Stormwater Training
• Litigation Support