On-Call Construction Stormwater Services


Client: D.R. Horton

Overview of construction site with functioning bioswale.

Overview of construction site with functioning bioswale.

Stormwater compliance inspections in Washington and Oregon.

Stormwater compliance inspections in Washington and Oregon.


As the largest homebuilder in America, D.R. Horton maintains a significant stormwater liability with the development of new properties, as well as the challenge of managing the impacts of multiple onsite subcontractor work in clearing, grading, and vertical construction.


Because D.R. Horton builds at the rate of a house a day in the Pacific Northwest, staying current with local and state environmental regulations was a challenge. Their intense construction schedule coupled with site supervisors regularly trying to manage 100+ subcontractors provided consistent liability to D.R. Horton’s multiple permits.


From the start, Pacific Stormwater has been proactive in learning about each regulatory agency’s specific requirements and how they apply to each development. The Pacific Stormwater team conducts sitewide compliance inspections on a frequency ranging from weekly to every 6 months, as requested by the client, and/or as needed during rain events. We ensure permit-required documentation at each site, such as site SWPPPs (WA) and ESCPs (OR), are maintained. As their stormwater partner, Pacific Stormwater provides on-call technical support for spill-response, erosion control failures, source control guidance, and representation / coordination with regulatory agencies. Additional tasks have included third-party review of ESCPs and the creation of site-specific perimeter control plans required for local permitting. Pacific Stormwater was integral to the D.R. Horton team regarding the reduction of fines negotiated with Oregon DEQ.


• Code Review
• Environmental Review and Documentation
• ROM Cost Estimates
• Regulatory Agency Coordination


• Temporary and Permanent Erosion Control
• Drainage Design
• Stormwater Treatment Systems
• Technical Information Reports
• Construction Ready Plans and Specifications


• Specification Compliance
• Construction Observation and Inspection
• Erosion Control Evaluation, Monitoring, and Reporting


• Performance and Compliance Monitoring and Reporting
• Source Control Evaluation
• Spill Response Assessment and Reporting
• Development of In-House Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
• Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs)
• Stormwater Training
• Litigation Support